About Gallagher Criminal Defense Services Law Firm

Gallagher Criminal Defense Services is a Minneapolis criminal law firm owned and operated by Thomas Gallagher, and is the publisher of Minneapolis Criminal Law News blog.

Minneapolis Criminal Law News is a blog about Minnesota criminal law from the perspective of a Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer.  So far, topics covered range from timely commentary and analysis of Minnesota criminal law events; shining a spotlight on legal injustices; tips for protecting yourself from a powerful, sometimes arbitrary and irrational government; and famous criminal trials in history.

Thomas C Gallagher is a minneapolis criminal lawyer.  Gallagher has over 29 years experience defending his people in Minnesota criminal cases, in Minnesota Federal Court and State Court.

Other websites:  Several dozen web pages of content about Minnesota criminal law, issues, defenses, common fact patterns of false accusations and police mistakes; as well as detailed profiles of Gallagher’s educational, teaching, and professional experience can be found on his web sites (links below) and on this blog.  Gallagher’s websites include:



About Thomas C Gallagher, of GALLAGHER CRIMINAL DEFENSE SERVICES Minneapolis: Gallagher has roots in the Minneapolis community, having come from a family involved in Minnesota law and politics for three generations.  Gallagher has been a political activist, and party leader in two of the state’s major parties.  He has helped run Minneapolis political conventions and worked on campaigns of Minneapolis City Council Members and Mayors.  He was born and raised in Minneapolis, and lived there his entire life.

As a criminal justice professional, Gallagher works with, and against, police officers as fellow criminal justice professionals.  No profession or professional is without its virtues or its flaws.  We do not deserve to be put on a pedestal, or to be demonized.  We deserve to be judged for our actions, not our role.  Law enforcement officers, like criminal defense lawyers, see some of the less attractive aspects of life and people.  Ideally, we can learn insights from these experiences.  Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement professionals advocating legalization of drugs, deserves credit.  When we ask our politicians to enact bad laws, which our law enforcement officers are paid to enforce, which our courts are called upon to administer – we all lose.  Let’s make a strong effort to change the laws to make them equal, fair, rational, and to protect our human rights and liberty.

A recognized expert in Minnesota criminal law, Gallagher is a published author of numerous legal articles.  He has taught dozens of Continuing Legal Education courses to other lawyers, judges, police officers, and paralegals.  He is also a frequent public speaker to groups about criminal law and law reform topics.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense >  Thomas Gallagher has conducted and won numerous jury trials, as well as appeals.  He has top-ratings from three different organizations respected for rating lawyers, which range from the top five percent to the top seven percent of Minnesota criminal lawyers.

Gallagher will provide free consultations of up to a half-hour about your Minnesota criminal law matter if you call 612-333-1500.

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