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Romeo and Juliet Law: Minnesota Sex Crimes Based On Age

Would they be criminally prosecuted for age-based sex crimes in Minnesota today?  Young people like them can be and often are prosecuted in juvenile and adult criminal courts in Minnesota.  Should they be?  Should we instead change the laws in Minnesota to decriminalize young love?  Should foolish love be a crime? Continue reading

Jesus as Defense Lawyer: The Woman Accused of Adultery

What can we learn about criminal law from the story of the Jesus and The Adulterous Woman in John Chapter 8 of the New Testament? We can learn about what criminal defense lawyers do. We can learn about the laws of evidence. We can learn about a jury’s right and power to sentence. We can learn about connecting persuasively with people. Continue reading

How to Avoid a Marijuana Arrest in a Car in Minnesota: Top Nine Tips

Like Paul Simon’s song “50 ways to leave your lover,” there are at least fifty ways to tell a police officer that you do not consent to any searches.  Make an excuse if you like: “I’m late, for a very important date.”  But no excuse is necessary.  You should not offer any justification for refusing a search.  Be confident and politely insistent. It’s your legal right to be secure from searches and seizures by police unless they have a search warrant or an exception to the warrant requirement.  Continue reading

Prostitution and Minnesota Law

How can we best understand prostitution law? Prostitution law involves two important aspects of human existence: sexuality and money.  What is prostitution?  Sex for money. Sex and money are emotional topics.  Is it any surprise that prostitution is  controversial?  After … Continue reading